Calibration for Scottish Power, Shoreham Power Station

In 2010 Northern Energy Services were awarded the contact by Scottish Power for the Calibration of their instrumentation ‘site wide’ at Shoreham Power Station near Brighton, during their shutdown period of approximately 60 days. This would be our first job on this site.


The Project requirements were:-

  • To create and populate an instrument database Using N.E.S’s Beamex CMX instrument calibration software.
  • Liase with the project management team in order to plan our work/permits/availability.
  • Carry out calibrations of all 1000 + instruments to industry national standards.
  • Replacement of any defective instrumentation, and recalibration once installed.
  • Carry out an upgrade to all temperature converters on the Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine trains.

Conclusion / Outcome

This Project went particularly well for us. All instrument calibrations were complete two weeks ahead of schedule, with  the temperature transmitter upgrade complete one day later but still ahead of schedule. All defective instrumentation was repaired or replaced.

N.E.S introduced an improved Quality Assurance procedure on this project, and found it to be an overall success, with ZERO ‘return to service’ delays coming from any instrumentation on plant.

We are looking forward to our next Shoreham Power Station project.

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